Examples for Gas Laws – Gay Lussac’s Law & Boyle’s Law:

This Blog Page was done for my Physics Project and this has the information of the examples of two of the “Gas Laws”, Boyle’s Law and Gay – Lussac’s Law.

An Example for Boyle’s Law:

You might have observed while drinking an aerated in a glass tumbler that the bubbles start small and when the bubbles arise and reach the surface they would have increased in size, an this is due to Boyle’s law. As the bubbles rise, the surrounding pressure of the liquid decreases. And according to Boyle’s law, the air bubbles expand.

An Example for Gay – Lussac’s Law:

In hot summer days, the inflated tyre of vehicles may burst. The bursting of tyres is caused by Gay-Lussac’s law. The inflated tyre are under high pressure. When the temperature of the air rises, the pressure of the gas in the tubes increases. After an unbearable point, the tyre burst.

There is a short VIDEO that explains the ABOVE paragraphs: (Physics Assignment)


If the above link could not be opened then you can use this link which would guid you to the same VIDEO but in YouTube:

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